Swim Lessons

TICKETS: https://stagem.booktix.com/

Tickets will also be for sale at the door one hour before showtime (cash or check only).

Written and directed by local playwright and STAGE-M board member Chris Kesting, “Swim Lessons” is about three couples spending the morning at their local community pool while their young kids learn to swim.

“When you bring your kids to the pool for summer lessons the expectation is an hour of peace and calm—basking in the sunshine, sipping coffee and getting reacquainted with your adult self. But… sometimes the morning doesn’t go according to plan. As these three couples are about to realize: you’re never too old to learn something at Swim Lessons.”

PERFORMANCE DATES: March 16-19, 2023

PERFORMANCE LOCATION: Crossroads Charter Academy auditorium.


Michael and Lauren:

Experienced parents with 2 teenagers plus “surprise” late-in-life twins. Both are reasonable, grounded, and laid back. Happily married for over 20 years; but are recently suffering from mundane routine and complacency. They’re in need of a spark.

Peter and Caitlyn: 

The youngest and least experienced couple—in both marriage and child rearing. She is the quintessential Type-A helicopter mom, tirelessly doting over their young son. Peter is passive and non-confrontational but growing weary of her overprotective mothering.

David and Bethany: 

He’s been married twice before and has a granddaughter;  and also has a young son with feisty and outspoken Bethany. She enjoys the perks of having an older, financially secure surgeon for a husband, and therefore tolerates David’s egocentric idiosyncrasies and hardline conservatism.

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