Punchdrunk Fortune

STAGE-M presents “Punchdrunk Fortune,” an original multi-episode RADIO PLAY! Penned by our own Chris Kesting, this modern-day comedy will be presented FREE in the style of vintage noir radio programs. Here’s how to listen:

Episode One premieres Sunday, Aug. 2, at 8:00 PM exclusively on WBZX B-103.9 FM Big Rapids. Following the radio broadcast, Episode One will be available on Buzzsprout:

(Note: Podcast Available Starting Aug 2 after 9:00 PM)

Listen Here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1248650

Written by: Christopher KestingDirected by: Ericka Mac
Sound Design and Engineering by:Robert Gilmartin
Music coordinated by: Laura TaylorSound Technician: Zachary Krebs


Emily Aslakson (“Lucy”)

Keith Bogucki (“Hermann” and “Marco”)

Philip Himebaugh (“Benny”)

Zachary Krebs (“Lucky”)

Chris Lamar (“Rocko”)

Jeanna Lamar (“Schandy”)

Daniel Taylor (“Iwo”)

Laura Taylor (“Ivana”)

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