The Nutcracker: A Play

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November 15-17 at 7:30pm 

November 18 at 2:30pm

Crossroads Charter Academy Auditorium 

Adult Tickets – $11         Student Tickets – $5

Purchase your tickets at Patterson’s Flowers, The Old Pioneer Store and Emporium, by calling (231) 592-TIXX, or online.


Marie Stahlbaum – Ivi Wilhelm
Fritz Stahlbaum – Isaac Wilhelm
Louise Stahlbaum – Ashton Moyer
Aunt Clara – Wraith Nocturne
Drosselmeier – Justin Gray
Dr. Stahlbaum – Lee Johnson
Frau Stahlbaum/Queen/Spider – Emma Hauger
Frau Overbaer – Julie Foust
Peter Overbaer/Prince – Troy Hallman
Hansel Overbaer – Islwyn Williams
Christian – Zach Good
King – Rob Aspen
Princess – Clara Hund
Mouserinks – Brooke Kirkpatrick
Mouse Prince – MacKenzie Johnson

Narrators: Jerena Keys, Layla Garvon, Lauren Frump, Liyah Frump, Jonah Kahly, Ashlynn McNeilly, and MacKenzie Johnson

Mice: Cambria Bronkema, Madison Allen, Michael Horning, Brody Scott, Charlotte Lindsey, Mallory Morgan, Josiah Johnson, Paisley Hallman, Abram Kahly, Jonah Kahly, Levi Moyer, Benjamin Wayne, and Ashly McCall

Society for Theatre Arts Growth & Enjoyment in Mid-Michigan