Established in 1981, the Society for Theatre Arts Growth and Enjoyment in Mid-Michigan, or STAGE-M has been a staple in the Big Rapids arts community for over 30 years. 

Our Mission

The mission of STAGE-M is to create an outlet for community engagement by providing a wide range of quality theatrical experiences to enrich the cultural life of Mid-Michigan.

Our Vision

STAGE-M strives to be the best community theatre we can be, as evidenced by:

  • The production and creation of a broad range of high-quality theatrical experiences that delight and challenge our audiences, volunteers, and the community.
  • Our effective engagement of volunteers – who are the heart of our work and the key to our success.
  • An environment where volunteers, students, and staff can continuously develop their skills, support and mentor each other, and remain fulfilled with their theatrical experiences.
  • A welcoming environment that embraces and promotes inclusivity.
  • Comfortable, accessible, safe, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment which advance our creativity and production quality.
  • Educational efforts and partnerships that nurture creative theatrical talents.
  • The celebration of theatre and its essential contribution to our quality of life and appreciation of the theatre as a vital part of the fabric of the community and humanity.
  • A reputation respected locally and regionally for theatrical quality.
  • A compassionately committed, effective Executive Board with vision and drive.
  • Financial stability and sustainability achieved through patronage, donations, endowment, and fiscal responsibility.

Our Board

STAGE-M is governed by a volunteer Executive Board, the members of which are elected by the general membership every two years. The Executive Board is committed to the continued growth of the arts community in the Mid-Michigan area. The Executive Board members represent a diverse range of experiences, views, knowledge, and passion for theatre and education.

Current Board Members:

President: Laura Taylor

Vice President: Leah Lipar

Treasurer:  Chris Kesting

Secretary: Lori Hathaway

Members at Large:

Devann Hattis, Amy Schroeder, Ben Swanson

Scene Shop and Production Staff:

Scene Shop Coordinator: Jon Taylor

Properties Coordinator: Jeanene Westgate

Costume Coordinator: Cheryl Courtney

Make-up/Hair Coordinator: Tiffani Balkema

Social Media Coordinator: Laura Taylor

Founding Charter Members:

Dennis Batt, Merelyn & Jim Brand, Carole & Caron Covey, Joanne & John Emmons, Dorothy Giel, Tina Hartley, Lois Jahr, Ginny Kerwin, Jerena & Leon Keys, Karen Killian, Janet & Gordon Mallett, Jerry Miller, Carol Nash, Les Osborne, Barbara Pillsbury, Jan Renne, Linda Rinehart, and RoseAnne Shansky

Society for Theatre Arts Growth & Enjoyment in Mid-Michigan

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