Open auditions for The Hollow will be held on February 17 and 18 at 6:00pm at The United Church of Big Rapids, located at 120 South State Street.

The production will feature 6 women and 6 men.

The ages of the characters in this production are not integral to the plot, and as such, the Director will consider all adults for the following roles regardless of age.

Sir Henry Angkatell – A distinguished looking, elderly man. He is good-natured and caring. Mid-sixties to Mid-seventies.

Lady Lucy Angkatell – A very charming and aristocratic looking woman. She is often confused and is never quick to the point. Sir Henry’s Wife.  Mid-sixties.

Edward Angkatell – A tall, slightly stooping man with a pleasant smile and a diffident manner. He is bookish and well-dressed. Sir Henry’s cousin and heir. Mid-thirties to mid-forties.  

Henrietta Angkatell – A handsome young woman. She is an accomplished sculptor and Sir Henry’s cousin. Mid-thirties.

Midge Harvey – A warm-hearted, practical, and very nice young woman. Sir Henry’s cousin. Early-thirties.

Dr. John Cristow – A good looking man with a dynamic personality, but is somewhat brusque in manner. An accomplished surgeon. Mid-thirties.

Gerda Cristow – A timid and rather stupid woman. John’s wife. Mid-thirties.

Veronica Craye – A very beautiful and glamorous actress. She is very confident and knows how to manipulate. John’s ex-mistress. Mid-thirties.                                                          

Gudgeon – In all respects, the perfect butler. Mid-fifties.

Doris – The maid. She is slightly half-witted and is terrified of Gudgeon. Mid-twenties.

Inspector Colquhoun – A thoughtful quiet man with charm and a sense of humor. He is very sympathetic and must not be played as a comedic role. Mid-thirties.

Detective Sergeant Penny – A plainclothes detective who is frequently making and referring to his notes. Mildly interested in the maids of the house. Late-twenties.

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